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Terms of Participation

These conditions KHL-England 2016 can be downloaded here.
Simply print, fill out, sign, and bring along at an event directly.

All persons over 18 years of age with English citizenship or a residence permit of more than three years and an English social security number are entitled to participate
The participant is allowed to perform musical activities exclusively as an amateur and as an amateur
Persons from whom images or phonograms were produced or moved before or during the duration of the competition are excluded from the competition
The songs are primarily from the contingent of the location or it can be decided by  Karaoke Hire London . Own files or productions are only accepted with proof of the copyrights or written approval of the originator or on presentation of an invoice
All judges' judgments are unquestionable
In the event of a late appearance at the various competitions the competitor will be automatically disqualified
Picture and audio recordings of the participant may be used by London Karaoke for its own presentation purposes
Personal data of the participant may be used by London Karaoke for internal IT purposes
The registrations for the preliminary examinations are made exclusively on the evening of the event in person at the responsible organizer
The participant agrees to receive further information (no advertising) by means of news service or email from London Karaoke
The participant is disqualified in the case of violations or misrepresentations to one or more of the above points, to know more about this contact Andy Tiplock.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Technical Overview - not as scary

Each car must periodically undergo technical tests. It is an absolute necessity to get another stamp in the registration. So keep an eye on the date of the next visit. Did you know, however, how it should look like a typical overview? Do not be fooled and make sure that the service was performed comprehensively. Only then will you be sure that your car is working one hundred percent.

If you just bought a car in the living room, you do not have to worry about technical studies - have to be carried out after three years from the date of first registration. Another review takes place two years after the first, and again every year. The situation is different in the case of cars with gas installation - even if they are new, have to undergo testing each year.

Most of the drivers does not like technical inspection of vehicles - they are associated rather negatively. We fear that in the course of the study are found numerous faults, resulting not get the required stamps. One should not, however, look at the issue in this way. The main task of the technical review of the car is, after ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers. Fault detected in vehicle inspection station can prevent serious accidents in the future and it is worth remembering.

What happens if you missed the review date? You should immediately go to the site to get a stamp. If you meet traffic control, police stopped the registration certificate, and you will receive a receipt for seven days - the time you need to conduct a study of the car in the regional control station. On the connivance of law enforcement officers you can only count up to several days in case of missing the deadline - but everything depends on the particular officer. After the test with positive results receive a certificate valid for one month, from which you can recover your registration card. It is worth remembering, because the car without a valid technical inspection, which took part in a collision or accident, as a rule, is considered the one that contributed to the event (even if everything proves the guilt of another driver). You can then forget about compensation from the insurance policy.

What is the technical examination of a vehicle control station? First, it is checked body - diagnostician will look headlights and windshield. Any cracks or lack of transparency associated with a negative outcome of the review. While the burned out light bulbs must be replaced on the spot. Station worker can also attach themselves to hard rusty bodywork. Then checked by rolls brakes and on a shaker play in suspension and steering. Tires are another point of control - treads on the same axis must be identical. Excessive consumption is associated with a failure of the review. Auto must also undergo an analysis flue gas leakage control and exhaust system. At the end of the diagnostic check safety features such as seat belts, wipers, or the horn.

What if the vehicle fails the test? In this case, you will get a list of faults and you'll have 14 days to repair. Then you return to the vehicle inspection stations and again undergo the procedure - but if you go back to the same proven to be only items that have not undergone the review.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Car Service Tips for everybody

The most common cause pulsing of the brake pedal is because the brake discs are crooked. Poor installation of brake discs will be felt after about 3000 thousand km. The brake pedal flashes, things like this call for

In use, car parts subject to wear of the brake caliper. When replacing bricks, some of these elements have been cleaned and lubricated. Caliper is quite heavy and drop down on the worn brake caliper slides that should be mentioned. When pressed on the brake pedal is first raised brake caliper (deletes a brake caliper clearance), and only later begin to inhibit blocks.

Permissible lateral runout of the brake disc installed may not exceed 0.06 mm.

Auto service Kensington provides comprehensive services to European cars, Japanese and the US, and operation of vehicle fleets. Plamoter Automobile repair services since 1997, has extensive experience in servicing and repairing cars and trucks.

We repair and replacement propulsion systems, steering, brakes, air conditioning, suspension system, electrical and electromechanical repair, repair and replacement tires (vulcanization), tire storage, computer diagnostics engine control systems and the entire car. Repair-overhaul diesel and petrol heads repair, diagnostics and repair fuel injection diesel and petrol.

Repairing the cooling system, exhaust system repair, replacement timing, exchange coupling. Service Kensington performs post-warranty inspections according to the manufacturer's instructions. To repair use the original or high-end replacements depending on the recommendations of the client. Payment Methods cash, credit cards transfer.

-braking system guarantee safe driving.
-Position and express pad replacement.

MECHANICS GUARANTEE THE REGULAR TRAINING expert and professional repairs of brake systems.

-Replacing the clutch.
-Replacing the drive shaft.
-Replacing the gearbox.
-Exchange of bearings.
-Repair driveshaft.
-Repairing the front and rear of the drive.
-Computer diagnostics.
-Professional and quick repair.
-The warranty for services rendered.

The engine hard to start and unevenly works - the fuel system needs service or repair.
-Computer diagnostics.
-Repair petrol fuel system.
-Repair of diesel fuel.
-Replacing the fuel pump.
-Exchange-repair injection pump.
-Exchange-regeneration injectors.
-Change cables, computer diagnostics on your fuel system.
-Fast and professional repair.
-The warranty for the service.

-Air smells bad when you start or does not cool.
-On the evaporator gathered harmful fungi and bacteria, which remove.
-Only in one year in the car with the waning of about 15% factor.
-Car air conditioning cooling loses efficiency when the system is not enough refrigerant. Fast and -professional repair.
-The guarantee of the service.
-Guarded parking.

You can hear popping noises in the car and the car's ill-conduct?
The suspension of a car in need of repair.
-Repairing front suspension.
-Repair rear suspension.
-Changing the shock absorbers.
-Replacing the arm.
-Replacement springs.
-Fast and professional exchange of shock absorbers
-Professional repair parts suspension
-The warranty for the service.

OIL AND FILTER in Kensington
The oil in the engine instead of golden color is brown or black, it's time to replace olej. New oil provides better lubrication of the engine. Precisely matched to your engine oil ensure correct operation of the engine and exhaust system.
-Quick change oil and filter.

-Computer diagnostics engine.
-Timing Exchange.
-Repair the head.
-Computer Repair Main Enginea
-Quick and professional approach to the problem
-The warranty for the service.

-Sales and tires, summer and winter.
-Computer wheel balancing.
-Storage of tires.
-Tire repair.
-Nitrogen inflation. When replacing the tires check the brake pads.
-Quick and professional tires.
-The guarantee of the service.

REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT starter generator in Kensington
-Repair, replacement and sale of starter and alternator. Blinking lights, heavy starting the engine and the noise coming from the engine neighborhoods, may indicate a problem with the alternator.
-Fast and efficient repair
-Checking alternator and starter
-The guarantee of the service.

If the temperature clearly rises from 90 ° C to the cooling system requires inspection or repair.

-Exchange and sale of batteries.
-Professional verification of performance and battery life.
-Checking the battery charging current.
-Checking the efficiency of the battery alternator.
-Checking the alternator
-The guarantee of the service.

CLEANING diesel particulate filter (DPF - FAP)
-Krtkie mileage or driving in urban conditions conducive to clogging of the particulate filter.
-Fast and professional regeneration
-The warranty for the service.

-Electrical repair.
-Repair of lighting.
-Replacing bulbs.
-Wide selection of bulbs.
-Sale of automotive lamps.
-Headlight bulbs H1, H3, H7, H4.
-Reflektorów- xenon bulb D1S, D2S, D3S, D4S.
-Samochodów- headlight bulbs to the US.
-ACCESSORIES CAR in Kensington

No matter what problems you face you can be rest assured if you leave your car to fix with these professionals you'll be happy with the end result at

Monday, April 27, 2015

Karaoke Kit

If you wish to know more about what I've written below you should try Karaoke Hire London - when used with a home theater system or computer. The mixer allows the music dubbing voices of two people, through two vocal microphones. The set includes two microphones, a small mixer, providing the possibility of a professional, vocal reverb settings and adjusting the volume of the microphones, as well as connection cable 3xRCA-3xRCA (RCA).

The kit can be connected to both the computer and the TV and DVD player. How does it work?

- home theater (DVD and TV)
Originally DVD or home theater is connected to the TV via Scart output or 3x chinch on (red and white for stereo audio and yellow for video). Newer devices can be hooked up via HDMI cable - then you need to connect the equipment in a different way (more on that below). End of the cable to disconnect from the TV and strapped to the input (IN) mixer in accordance with the colors: red and white for audio, yellow, video signal. The included cable-3xRCA 3xRCA plug in one hand mixer output (OUT), and on the other input of the TV - which is where you originally ran the cable coming out of the DVD. The mixer is connected to the power supply, the microphones to the mixer, put a DVD disc with karaoke and we can get going.

- computer
Connect to the mixer karaoke microphones. Mixer to the mains supply. 2x chinch-cable stereo mini jack cable (must be purchased separately) to connect from one side to the output (OUT) mixer (chinch), on the other hand (stereo mini jack) to the microphone input of your computer or laptop. Now just run the appropriate software for karaoke and get going.

- HDMI home theater
If your home cinema equipment or DVD drive is connected to the TV with an HDMI cable, you must connect a karaoke refer to par. the second, and so with the appropriate cable to connect the mixer output (OUT) to the microphone input of the player or TV amplitunera. In these devices, a microphone input is usually a big jack or mini jack - so here you must use the appropriate cable (large jack - 2x RCA or mini jack - 2x RCA).

Our system includes a complete cable 3xRCA-3x RCA (RCA) - sufficient to the basic connection. For other configurations, use the appropriate cables, which are not included in the kit. Most of these kits available on the market has no cables.

-Technical Specifications:
2 x Microphone
1x video input
1 x Music
echo control for 2 microphones
Power supply: 110-240 VAC power adapter
Input Power: 12 Vdc
Dimensions: 140x85x40 mm
Weight: 1.45 kg

Friday, December 19, 2014

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Friend has some luck

A little while back I was helping some friends who work for Obslimted in Southall to buy a house, in the borough of Ealing, they want to buy in the Southall location, not for me, but we-all have different taste. I asked a few work colleagues who work for pins property if they had any knowledge of any below market value property.

It seems we were in luck, we came across a person who was looking-for a fast house sale and he had only  recently recently modernised the home with the likes of Vaillant in London and Bosh as well as modernised the floors in every room. We went to visit the home in Southall and I was very surprised at its high standard.

We knew the homeowner was looking for a cash buyer but he did not want to drop his price a long way below the market value of the property in Southall. As my friend immediately fell in love with the house which was located on what we refer to as a desirable street to live on, it is in a cul de sac and very few people live on the street and all the houses on the street are fully detached, you really could not ask for much more.

Being hasty to purchase house can work against you, but sometimes things can happen fast and if you’ve the money it’s a bonus, in my friends case he want to buy a property in this area, his second choice was somewhere in Greenford. Time-and-patience in most cases pays off but so does luck!

Monday, October 27, 2014


The choice of one or the other option depends on many factors, notably of bathroom accessories, the number of inhabitants, their habits, as well as the size of the building and heat loss. To make the right choice, you need to know the opportunities that will give us a wall-hung boiler with built-in tank, and what with separate, as well as the properties of each device groups. co-fired boiler with a separate single-function e.g cooperating with a separate tank The name of this device can be misleading. Often heard it the first time we have the impression that this kind of boiler is no heating hot water that is used only for central heating. The origin of this name stems from the fact that the only liquid in the boiler water heating installation as The boiler performs only one function so that it is raising the temperature of heating water. Only later the water is directed once for central heating, and once the coil in the DHW cylinder. In this way, once heated the house, and once water use. Boiler actually fulfills only one function (raising the temperature of water in the system), but in cooperation installation and DHW cylinder provides us with a way two functions - building and water heating.

If you need help with your installation then try builders.plusinek and you live in South Acton then help is at hand, other locations include West Ealing, in fact good help is on offer anywhere in the Ealing location including Acton and East Acton. Specialist cover all grounds of boilers and when they do their work they leave no stones unturned. Updated at 01.22 on 31.10.2014:

Modern fired boiler is generally well equipped. Often contains elements of the installation, which used to be mounted outside the unit. These include, for example, driver safety valve or diverting valve that directs the water heating system to be installed at or the coil tray. Therefore, simply connect to this type of boiler DHW cylinder, commonly called tank to be able to get the implementation of both home heating and hot water.

With a reservoir of sufficient size can be used in this case boiler low power heated surface adapted to house. Although the low-power boiler will have to work longer to heat hot water heater, but with a considerable store of hot water, we can freely use it even in the two bathrooms and the kitchen.

With low-power boiler, adapted to the needs of thermal building will perform with high efficiency, individual cycles are longer, and the number of starts less. Thanks to lengthen the life of the boiler.

This solution also has some disadvantages. Can include them primarily larger space, which occupies a total boiler, extra tray and necessary equipment. In addition, the connection between the boiler and the storage tank is an additional installation to installation, which costs.

boiler hanging with built-in two trays of hot water? hanging dual-function with built-in storage tank One solution to the problems associated with finding a place on a large tray can be the use of compact wall mounted boiler with built-in storage tank already. Such a device despite the slightly larger dimensions of an ordinary boiler mono functional can heat large quantities of water and without the cooperation of a large hot water tank This is due to its construction and performance. The basis of this is the combi boiler, that is, one that within its enclosure performs two functions - heating water and power plant at It has a built-in, a special heat exchanger, in which the flow, to keep the intake water is heated by the heating water. To achieve high performance used in this case high-power boilers, generally greater than 24 kW, up to as much as 35 kW, which allows us to constantly collect water in an amount of from 11.6 to nearly 17 l / minute (when heated water from 30 ° C).

It is therefore free to fill the tub, and even the parallel use of two showers in the bathrooms. However, this is not always a sufficient level of comfort, particularly in the case of a boiler with a capacity of 24 kW, and in parallel using a number of receivers it is not possible to obtain a suitable temperature. When, for example. One member of the household takes a shower, and the other at this point will benefit from the tap in the kitchen, it can cause a temporary fall in water temperature in both these points. Hence, in order to avoid such surprises in the compact boilers, an additional, small water heater It is usually capacity from 20 to as much as 50 liters, and its task is to cover temporary, large consumption of hot water. In the case of an ordinary combination boiler with a capacity of 20-24 kW would immediately cause a decrease in water temperature. The temperature will be maintained through the store near the hot water in the water heater. While a large collection of hot water will be gradually exhausted, and after the intake of water is replenished.

This combination of substantial power from the mini combi boiler hot water tank gives you great opportunities. With direct heating of water and the use of the inventory of boilers compact tray once (in the first 10 minutes) can provide us with even 200-250 l of warm water. For comparison, so we may provide a separate reservoir with a capacity of only 150 l heated to a higher temperature, respectively. Seemingly smaller device, which is hanging boiler compact, provides sometimes more hot water than the boiler with a separate, large storage tank. Thus, it seems that this solution is ideal. It is enough to apply this type of boiler to get the right amount of water, even for the two bathrooms in the house. In addition, due to the small size we can put eg. In the kitchen or bathroom.

As a result, we have a high comfort of hot water and more space in the boiler room, which can be exploited for other purposes. Before deciding to choose this is a solution but we need to know about a few shortcomings. First of all, in a small house with low heat losses have to remember that using a combi boiler with a capacity of 25 kW, for example, install the unit with a capacity of 2, and even 3-fold higher than is needed to heat the home. The result will be short cycles of operation. In the short time since the launch of the burner boiler reaches the desired temperature and turns off. After some time, the again and again will work very shortly. This may adversely affect the efficiency and service life. In addition, the cyclic operation of equipment, especially boilers weather is quite loud and interferes with users.

While working for the needs of hot water boiler compact with built-in storage tank will run much more frequently than the boiler with a separate storage tank. This is due to the use of a compact boiler tank of small capacity. For this reason, often even wash their hands or cups will start the boiler, which is not the case of a device cooperating with a large, additional storage tank. This way of working can also shorten the service life of the boiler. To know more check out the Boiler Repair Land.